1. Business registration for forming a new company

  • Prepare and design all legal documents to support the application for business registration.
  • Prepare and draft articles of incorporation and other corporate contracts.
  • Examine and prepare documents on the validity of security rights on corporate shares.

          2. Registration, modification of articles of incorporation

  • Establish a company branch
  • Register changes in corporate stocks
  • Register changes of corporate business objectives
  • Register a reduction or an increase of corporate capital
  • Arrange for and facilitate the procedures related to the change of a company director.
  • Register the change of corporate name, etc.

          3. Removal of name of the company from the commercial register

  • Register the removal of a company’s name from the commercial register   
  • Arrange for and facilitate the procedures for liquidating the company.

³Intellectual property

  • Arrange for the procedures for applying for registration of a mark and trademark, including various works.
  • Resolve cases related to commercial crimes and acts of unfair competition.
  • Resolve intellectual property related disputes.
  • Establish the procedure for requesting annulment and deletion of the mark from the list.


  • Advise on investment projects in Cambodia.
  • Prepare all documents in accordance with the legal regimes related to investment.
  • Arrange for investment or investment company registration with the responsible and relevant authority.
  • Establish the legitimacy of freedom of business and investment in Cambodia.
  • Arrange for and facilitate all investment-related processes.