³Legal services in accounting

  • Design and prepare documents to apply for a license to practice accounting profession in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Provide legal advice on accounting issues.
  • Act as mandatory representative for the accountant before the judiciary and all institutions.
  • Provide account book check services.
  • Develop accounting policies and procedures.
  • Provide legal form filling services.
  • Provide other accounting related legal services.

³Legal services in finance

  • Design and prepare documents to apply for a financial institution license.
  • Inspect financial documents and provide legal coordination.
  • Give explanation and advice on financial services.
  • Design and prepare financial legal documents.
  • Other financial related services.

³Legal services in taxation

  • Prepare documents to apply for tax registration service for a real estate, stock, tax on means of transportation and patent tax.
  • Prepare application for payment of stamp duty on the transfer of ownership and possession of immovable property.
  • Resolve tax-related complaints.
  • Prepare tax registration application, pay property rental tax (land, building and house rents).